Meet Karine

I have always been fascinated with people and relationships. Ever since I can remember I would be the one mediating friendships or even conversations between my parents. I always had an intuitive ability to see beyond the words to the pain and desire behind the words.

I have always seen people for their true potential, and have always believed in their ability to achieve the things that they truly desire. I grew up in the church and as a result, I learned that we often had to put limits on our true potential and desires in order to “do the right thing" and “fit the mold."

Several years ago, I was able to Break Free from the religious and social programming or as I like to say, the boxes. It took a lot of tears, research, and soul searching. What I discovered was a whole world of people who valued authenticity as much as I did and lived a life of freedom and confidence. Leaving your faith is a huge shift in your worldview and it’s so scary. I discovered Sex Positivity. As part of my deconversion journey, I started listening to Playboy Radio all the time. I had always been taught that “those people" were unable to truly love. They lived in shame and had no self worth. What I discovered was the complete opposite.

In listening to and reading about “the worst of the worst," I discovered that these were my people. They were authentic, loving, kind, well spoken, not afraid to be themselves, and actually loved their lives and who they were. I discovered a whole new world including Ethical Non-Monogamy. It was beautiful, rich, authentic and a lot of fun. It was bringing people together to have real conversations with themselves and creating beautiful, loving connections within marriages as well as outside of the relationship.

9 years later, I have discovered the most wonderful life. I have discovered the most incredible community of people, and have found the most intimate friendships I could ever have dreamed of. I have found empowerment and strength in ways I never imagined. I am truly living my best life all while parenting 3 wonderful teens and being in the most incredible relationship that I have been able to design for myself. I have so much love to give and I have found a way to love without limitations all while upholding my own beautiful boundaries.

I love my life!!!

The Mission

Karine Bedard is an Empowerment and Sex Positive Relationship Coach. Her mission is to help individuals and couples Break Free from Societal and Religious programming to live authentically. She is normalizing Ethical Non-Monogamy (open relationships) so that others can finally have Choices about what kind of relationships they want to design for themselves.

She is passionate about changing the stigma surrounding Open Relationships because nobody should be afraid to lose their job or lose their children because of their relationship choices. Sex Positivity does not make someone immoral. Shame and guilt should not control your life and determine your ability to live authentically. Judgment is not authentic. Curiosity is what brings communities together and builds connection with others.

Come and find your non-judgemental tribe and live authentically!!

Work with Karine

Breaking Free Authentically is her Private Coaching Program which uses her Breaking F-R-E-E Method where she helps you break free from the boxes that keep you stuck. She helps you to:

Fantasize about who you want to be,
Release the blocks that are holding you back,
Embrace who you are with tender love and care, and
Empower you to live authentically!

Book a Call

Designer Relationships: A Breaking Free Experience. is her new Group Program. This program is designed to break down the boxes and help you realize that there are more choices than just Monogamy when it comes to designing the relationship you want.

What is a Designer Relationship? It is a relationship in which you get to choose the agreements, structure and type of relationship you want based on your desires, love languages, communication styles, and needs.

I’m looking for those who are ready to take a deep look at themselves and their lives so that they can create the most incredible relationships and connections with themselves and others.

By the time we are done with this program, you will have the tools to create your Designer Relationship. I am more than thrilled to share what I have learned over the years with you. This will be an absolutely life changing experience!

The Podcast

Listen our new podcast Breaking Free Authentically: A Sex Positive Relationship Podcast with our very own Elite Relationship Designer Karine Bedard

Learning how to Break Free from religious and social programming to truly live a life of authenticity and pleasure. We look at how shifting our mindset about Sex and Sexuality can radically change our relationships and allow them to be more fun, honest, safe, connected, ethical and authentic. We delve into Sex Positivity and what that is while also looking at things like Love Languages, Attachment Styles, and Boundaries to help us Break Free from relationship myths that are keeping us stuck in a world that isn't quite the right fit. We long for true authentic connections and the ability to completely be ourselves. Let's start living!

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